Industry Sectors

For many years now KSG AUDIT have served national and international clients from a wide and diversified range of industry sectors. We offer you particularly rich expertise in those sectors indicated on the left.

We would be glad to meet you personally and explain how we can work to benefit you as well.

Real Estate

The real estate market in Germany is currently undergoing sweeping changes as publicly owned property is privatised, companies sell off their non-essential property and international investors crowd into the German property market.

With our wealth of experience we can offer companies on the real estate market fully comprehensive tax advisory services, including on-going tax advice, preparation and audits of annual financial statements and internal auditing.

On top of this, we also manage closed-end German and foreign real estate funds. We assist with the design of tax structures, planning for real estate investment, optimisation of real estate portfolios, and acquisition and exit structures. We identify the tax value of your property, calculate the value of any possible speculation and give you advance estimates of the tax impact of specific projects such as major repairs or refurbishment.


Through our many years of involvement in the media sector, we have an excellent understanding of the various business models in this sector, especially for traditional advertising agencies.

We offer you a fully comprehensive range of services for both national and international tax advice and for the preparation of production and service agreements, and we also offer you advisory services for the fiscal handling of intangible assets such as film rights and licence agreements on the balance sheet.

Our support helps you to successfully master current and future challenges facing your media company.

Health Care

With their long working days healthcare professionals are often under considerable strain with little time to spare for dealing with tax issues or with how to make the most of their tax returns. When it comes to health care, we offer fully comprehensive services including payroll accounting, book-keeping and tax returns.

Apart from traditional forms of tax advisory services, we also provide you with professional assistance in such issues as setting up in practice, financing the purchase of a surgery, and we stand by you continually in all business management issues right through to your retirement. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to meet you and explain the difference our advice and support can make.


We ourselves are service providers and so the delivery of professional advisory services and support for service providers and professional people like architects, lawyers and management consultants is an issue that lies particularly close to our heart.

For professional people in particular there are sometimes special opportunities for tax planning which – if known about and exploited – can lead to substantial reductions in the tax load. We support you in all areas of your professional activity, find the tax solution that’s exactly tailored to your particular situation and thus help to secure your long-term business success.

High net-worth individuals

If you’ve accumulated assets over the course of your working life, you’ll want to keep it for you and your family.

We help you make the very best use of all the leverage offered by tax laws.
Apart from drawing up your tax returns, we can also advise you on all fiscal matters brought before financial courts. We also successfully support you when it comes to the proper choice of capital assets and making the most of their tax benefits, legal issues related to donations, endowments, and fiscal aspects of inheritance law, the establishment of foundations and corporate succession.

In this way your capital assets will have a proper rate of return which can be passed on from generation to generation.

Non Profit

Non-profit companies are generally subject to special framework conditions: maximum efficiency in the use of available resources coupled with minimum cost structures. Steering a successful business course for such a company requires a great deal of fiscal know-how and business acumen.

We are conversant with the complex structures of a broad spectrum of associations and foundations ranging from culture and the arts to sports, and offer you professional advice and support – that begins with assistance for your initial set-up.

We also advise you on the role foundations can play in issues of corporate succession, and in privatisation and call-for-tender procedures as well as on the management of foundations which are legal entities.