The holistic practice.

The demands placed on modern and efficient tax consultancy and audit mean that it is no longer enough to provide a one-dimensional range of services. Today many factors are interlinked like cogs in a machine where each is dependent on the other.

Truly excellent and successful tax consultancy and audit is only possible with one eye on the bigger picture. This is why our services also include many aspects of client care. The focus of our activities is on tax consulting, auditing and business management consulting. We handle basic services such as income tax returns and book keeping with the same degree of diligence as comprehensive tax management for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The knowledge and skills of our team form the capital of our firm, which is furthered by continuous training.
“He who stops being better stops being good.” Oliver Cromwell


The best advice is to take good advice!
„Working out income tax is too difficult for a mathematician – it’s a job for a philosopher.“ Albert Einstein

Little has changed in terms of the complexity of German tax law. Despite this the greatest genius of the 20th century would no longer need to view his tax return as a philosophical matter. Today he would use a highly qualified tax consultancy to use the hurdles of tax law to his own advantage.

A Chinese saying goes: „The taxes are fixed, but the contributions aren’t.“
With knowledge, commitment and joy at our work, we help you to exploit all creative room for manoeuvre within the tax framework to reduce your contributions. And you’re perfectly entitled to do so.

Basic Service

The foundation of creative and effective tax consultancy is correct and diligent bookkeeping. To support you in this area we offer a broad, modular range of basic support from which you can select depending on your needs.

Our services include:

  • Payroll accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Asset accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Year-end accounts
  • Commercial and private tax returns
  • Representation against financial authorities
  • Tax planning and management

Tax consultancy

Expect nothing less from us than first-class tax consultancy from tax planning through tax management up to the development of an efficient tax strategy. Within this framework we represent your interests against financial authorities, tax auditors and finance courts.

Further, we offer you comprehensive commercial advice. In this area in particular our experience and expertise can mean a significant economic advantage for you in areas such as budgeting and controlling, business start-ups and choice of company type, restructuring and demerging, futureproofing or business analyses.

You can also benefit from our expertise in investments, financing, credit negotiations and bank negotiations.

Public accounting

In public accounting field we provide complex auditing and consultancy services. We work with you to uncover weak points in your company and develop targeted solutions to optimise information flow, monitoring and control of your company.

Our services include:
Inspection of financial statements for companies of different legal forms, size and sector.
Company valuations, auditing on company purchase or sale.
Special audits (e.g. broker and building developer audits, public funds appropriation audits, audits of capital increases / contributions in kind, initial audits, audits on restructuring and mergers).